How I Activate My Angel to Help Me Find What’s Lost

Does your guardian angel work for you or is it unemployed?

Tonya S. Ware


Author’s water coloring of gold angel’s back, wings encrusted with gemstones spread wide, ready to help.
Water coloring by author, Copyright Tonya S. Ware, 2022

“Every person I have ever met has a personal angel.” -Blake K. Healy, author

I hope the mention of a personal angel doesn’t set you off the way it angered my friend. She yelled, “I don’t believe I have an angel. If I do, it hasn’t done bleep for me!”

With that attitude, I can understand why it seems her angel is unemployed.

Many people use the term guardian angels. I prefer calling them personal angels since they do more than guard.

“These angels follow us everywhere we go. They pray for us, worship with us, guard us, and partner with the plans of heaven for our lives.” –Blake K. Healy, author (Profound Good, pg.54, Charisma House)

Among the many services angels perform, mine helps me find whatever I misplace.

The first step to activating your angel is to believe it’s possible. Believe there’s more to life than what you can intellectualize and what’s in this physical realm. I have yet to see my angel, but I sometimes see its work. As I told my friend, “You can’t see wireless connections either. Does that mean they don’t exist?”

Like everything else, the more attention you give to your angel, the more attention you get from it. Although angels are spirit beings, they’re living creatures — and living creatures like attention.

Give your angel permission to help you

Mom couldn’t find her social security card. She complained and blamed her age as we looked in purses, file folders, catch-all drawers, and behind furniture for two days. Exasperated, she thought I should take her to the social security office for a new one.

Ohhh no. I had zero plans to spend a day at an office of understaffed, overworked, underpaid, and burnt-out workers. “Mom, your card is here. Stop the negativity so we can find it.”

But where is it?



Tonya S. Ware

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