Are you ready for drive-by food deliveries?

Brown crust, driver delivered, pizza is smothered in cheese and still in the box.

I want to express sincere gratitude to food delivery drivers who get out of their vehicles.

Value receiving your order

On a sunny, 70-degree afternoon, I witnessed the latest in express food delivery.

Because I could hear music blasting and continuous horn honking, I looked outside my door. I saw a cute compact car…


So powerful! That's amazing! Initially, I saw a small angel, yet continued feeling drawn to the photo--like, there's more. I kept staring at it.

You outlined the "more"! WOW! Thank you!

I recently became sensitive to angels. They're awesome! Thanks for telling me about Uriel. It definitely resonates with my heart.

LOL. As soon as I figure out how to highlight the little angel in the photo, I'll show her to you.

Thanks again! Big hugs!

Tonya S. Ware

Live healthy, age well, make money, and have fun. I write to help make your day better than you could’ve imagined.

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